Best treatment for eczema; How do I find it?

You may be wondering what types of eczema treatment to use when dealing with flare-ups. From eczema creams to eczema soaps to eczema diets, there are hundreds of ways to treat your eczema and we're going to narrow them down into a couple of categories. Although there is no eczema cure, we hope that this can help you find the best solution for your skin. 

Eczema Creams

There are steroid and non-steroid eczema creams. Dermatologists tend to recommend topical steroids, however, they also can prescribe non-steroid creams like Eucrisa (Crisaborole) or Protopic (Tacrolimus). While it can provide instant and temporary relief, the long term effect of a topical steroid cream can be costly. Many eczema sufferers have reported experience with topical steroid withdrawal, also known as TSW, upon stopping the use of steroid creams after becoming dependent on them. Topical steroid withdrawal is a reaction of the skin in which it gets inflamed, red, and extremely itchy and can be incredibly damaging to one's physical and mental health. If you choose to use topical steroid creams, you may want to use it with caution and educate yourself about the possible side effects beforehand. 

Eczema Soaps

Soaps can be a gentle form of eczema treatment but, they can also be drying depending on the brand. Scented soap can cause irritation for eczema skin, and brands like Eczedone, Dove, Eczema Honey, SheaMoisture, Rory, Aveeno, CeraVe, etc., all have different forms of eczema soaps. Out of all of them, Eczedone is the only one that has been clinically proven to work on 93% of its participants. Nevertheless, a 7% chance remains that it will not work, in which other brands are available to try.

Eczema lotions

Regardless of your choice of eczema treatment, it is important to constantly stay moisturized. While some choose to use eczema lotions, others choose to use raw cocoa butter or coconut oil to lather on their skin. Brands like Eczema Honey, CeraVe, Aveeno, etc., provide eczema-specific lotions. Just like eczema soaps, it is recommended to stay away from scented lotions as it can cause further irritation. 

Eczema Diets

Eczema flare-ups can be controlled with a proper diet. It is recommended to stay away from citrus fruits like lemon, lime, grapefruit, and orange. Dairy, tomatoes, chocolate, turmeric, or spicy foods can also be triggers. Although we have listed some foods, it is important to pay attention from the time you eat something to the time you experience a flare-up so that you can better detect your eczema triggers. 

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