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Our story

How Eczedone all started

Hello All. My name is Jeremiah Perkins. My wife Grace and two children Bruce and Evie hail from the small town of Corunna, MI.

Shortly after my son Bruce was born, he developed a severe case of eczema, affecting his face and neck. Frightened by my infant son’s discomfort, I took him to a pediatrician who prescribed a steroid cream. Despite the known side effects of this cream, I saw no alternative at the time. I used the product as instructed, but to my sorrow, not only did it not work, but it made my son’s affliction worse by inflaming his damaged and sensitive skin. As one could imagine, I was devastated. I then went on and tried every known home remedy and store-bought product on the market. I took him to an allergist who found no cause for his disease. I bought organic foods and all natural cleaning products to sterilize his environment. To my dismay, his eczema kept getting worse and worse. At this point, desperate to find something for my son, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Day and night, I utilized my science background to try and find a solution to help my son. I used every spare moment to study. I learned every subject about disease, skin, treatments, and the science behind them. It didn’t take long to realize that I would have to work at a molecular level to come up with a solution. After even more research, I decided that building the right soap molecule was my best chance of treatment. I began breaking down all the known components used in soap making to their smallest parts and characteristics. From that, I compiled a master code for building a soap molecule. After months of work and sleepless nights, after testing multiple formulations, I finally had a product that worked for him. No chemicals. No animal by-products. No harmful additives. Two weeks later, his eczema was gone, and by the time he turned one year old, all of the scars had vanished.

At this point, I knew I had a product unlike any other. I decided to take this product to a medical research facility (Insight Institute of Neurosurgery and Neuroscience) and approved by the WIRB. The results were exactly as I expected. 93% of the participants noted a significant improvement in their skin condition after using Eczedone for just 2 weeks.

Since I invented this soap, I have had the absolute honor to give this soap to families all across the world with loved ones who face similar situations. It is my greatest mission in life to give help to those who suffer a similar fate. I would want nothing more than to have success stories for you and your family, just as this product cured my infant child. Welcome to Eczedone.